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The time to act on Digital Inclusion is now.

The past few weeks the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women has been meeting in New York and talking about something that we deeply believe in – the role of innovation and technology in improving the rights of women, girls and their whole communities.

Actually, that’s one of the reasons why we started Yup Yup Labs.

We know that the digital tools and technology that communities need to solve some really big problems are currently out of reach for many. This is particularly the case for women and girls, people of colour and rural and low socio economic communities.

The flip side of this is that the opportunity to solve these problems and increase inclusion across the board is made so much easier by the technological and innovative tools – if we put them in front of every persons fingertips.

The digital divide and digital poverty gap is widening at an alarming rate. If we want to embrace technology as a tool for good, we need to pick up the pace. Yup Yup Labs has a number of off-the shelf products and tailored services to increase digital and inclusion. These include Factory50 which aims to help women learn, connect and thrive in business, work and leadership; Reach for the Stars is a program for young women in the Northern Suburbs to help them reach their dreams and Accountably which helps business owners and leaders set their goals and stay on track.

Digital Inclusion can start small and get bigger over time or you can create a vision that will carry your community into the next 50 years with pride. There is no right or wrong way to get started, what is important is that you do.

That is why we are holding a session to talk about why it is important that all communities create and regularly maintain a Digital Inclusion Plan. The digital capabilities of your team, your organisation and your community need to be prioritised if you want your community to benefit from this transformative opportunity offered up by innovation and technology.

We don’t want to widen the gap. We want to close it.

Register now for this session on Thursday 30 March and learn more about why your community needs a Digital Inclusion Plan.

For more information about the UN CSW and their resolutions please see this website:


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